WANTED FOR $10,000

Name: Lake Man 

Reward: $10,000 

Height: 9 feet 

Weight: 600 lbs 

Last Known Location: 39°18’49.8″N 120°17’41.5″W 

Species: Unknown 

Appearance: Dark brown coat of fur; fish-like features such as gills, fins, pectoral fins, dorsal fins, types of fins have been debated; cat-like eyes; hypothesized to have a similar genetic makeup to humans; known to use camoflauge and possibly invisibility and shapeshifting abilities 

Origin: Unknown, possibly from the Mariana Trench, commonly seen around Sierra Nevada Mountain Range but known to migrate, recently spotted near Folsom Lake 

Activities: Lives near large bodies of water such as lakes and rivers; known to mark territory with X marks, usually with trees; known to live on land, unknown if can survive in aquatic habitat Resources:,, (916)534-8753,, 

Safety Warning: Please exercise caution when hunting this target, could be living amongst a clan of other cryptids; Carson French and Scientific Researchers of the Unknown are not resposible for any death or injury while persuing the Lake Man Bounty; The Lake Man is a Category 5 level threat and should be approached with caution; please do not attempt unless you are an experienced professional